Things to Consider Garden Lighting Products

A bollard light illuminating garden

Garden lighting products should be produced with quality materials that are resistant to external environmental factors. Garden lighting products using aluminum material in the outer body production are more durable and long-lasting than products made from other materials such as plastic and metal. While plastic is easily damaged and metal gets rusty quickly, products produced with aluminum maintain their shape for many years by resisting rusting, abrasion or corrosion.

One of the most important features to be considered in garden lighting products is the energy saving feature. Since such outdoor products will work actively during the night, they must have energy saving features. This feature will not only save a significant amount of user budget, but will also appear as a very useful function for a sustainable future.

Garden lighting products should have some technical features as well as exhibit an aesthetic and modern appearance. Because people want their gardens to have a good visual perception. Therefore, the products to be preferred should have a modern design that will adapt to the architecture of the building.

Garden Lighting Products Application Areas

Garden lighting products usage areas have a wide range. While there are gardens with multiple uses, there are also gardens with only one type of use. The application areas of garden lighting are usually as follows:

1. Walkway Lighting

Bollard lighting products are placed on the edges of the walkways in the garden or landscape areas. Walkway lighting, which is usually made with the help of a short bollard, offers a flawless appearance.

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2. Fence Post Lighting

Fence post lighting is the lighting method used on walls and fences. Countertop lighting products placed sequentially on walls or fences create a perfect view when viewed from outside the garden.

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3. Area Lighting Poles

It is a type of lighting made with long body decorative lighting poles. This type of lighting is generally used in area lighting and site lighting in many areas.

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4. Wall Lighting Sconce

Sconce lighting is made with wall-mounted wall sconces. It is the type of lighting that is frequently preferred in areas such as garden walls and door entrances and exits.

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5. Lawn Lighting

Lawn lighting is applied with lighting products that are mounted or stuck on the grass. Products placed on the lawn create a perfect view in the garden.

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All FoneLight’s outdoor lighting products are with with LED luminaires produced with the latest technology can offer different color temperatures and provide a controlled electrical transition from high resistance to low resistance. With this feature, LED luminaires appear as longer-lasting lamps. In addition, LED lamps keep eye comfort at the highest possible level with their soft light emitting feature.

Garden Lighting Products
Garden Lighting Products