How Should Park and Garden Lighting Be?

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Parks and gardens are ideal places to spend time, especially in summer evenings. However, no one likes to spend time in dark places where they do not feel safe. Based on this, we can say that park and garden lighting is important for security at night. Because well-lit areas make people feel safe. For this reason, while planning park and garden lighting, care should be taken to illuminate the dark areas as much as possible.

How Should Park and Garden Lighting Be?

People are uncomfortable spending time in dark environments. Therefore, well-lit parks and gardens make people feel safe and have a good time. In addition, people attach great importance to aesthetics and beauty. Nobody wants to spend a long time in a bad looking park or garden. For this reason, it is important how the lighting products look. Finally, the lighting products to be used in parks and gardens must have an energy-saving feature, as they will be on continuously from night to morning. Otherwise, it consumes a significant amount of energy. This situation will force both the budget and the construction of a sustainable future.

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Park Lighting

Points to Consider in Park and Garden Lighting

Things to consider when planning park and garden lighting are listed below:

  • Security
  • Energy Saving
  • Aesthetic

1. Security

The most important factor to be considered while lighting the park and garden is safety. Because people feel uncomfortable being in dark environments. Well-lit areas at night are ideal places for them. Also, well-lit areas will keep criminals away from being there. It is possible to create safe meeting areas by choosing the right lighting product.

2. Energy Saving

Energy saving has become a feature that should definitely be preferred considering the increasing energy demand, energy shortage and energy prices in the world. Because lighting products that stay on during the night need a significant amount of energy. Make sure to choose energy-efficient products to minimize energy expenditures.

3. Aesthetics

An aesthetic appearance evokes a sense of beauty in people. Places with an aesthetic appearance attract people. For this reason, when choosing a lighting product, attention should be paid to how the product looks and to give an image that is compatible with its surroundings.
Lighting poles with circular lighting fixtures of 4-6 meters in length can be used for park lighting. Bollard lighting can be used for walkways. For garden lighting, grass top lights with a length of up to 100 centimeters can be used. In addition, wall sconces create a beautiful appearance in the gardens.

garden lighting
Garden Lighting