About us

Our Story

At FoneLight Technologies, we design and manufacture indoor & outdoor lighting products that turn darkness into a unique visual experience. Our passion is to produce lighting products that create a high prestigious impression and satisfaction in people's lives!

Our product development policy is simple; the more minimal and functional,
the better the visual experience. The power of FoneLight is behind what people expect to see.

We aim to provide FoneLight's modern and smart lighting products all over the globe.
While making this vision come true, our main motivation is to privide a seamless customer experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an international leading lighting product manufacturer designing and producing innovative and smart lighting products that will enlighten all the continents.

Our Mission

Continuous development is the key point for us. Designing the lighting products that people expect in markets around the globe is the responsibility of our team.

Our Values

We care about our partners, customer experience, and the environment!
Therefore, we manufacture high-tech/quality products with eco-friendly features in line with sustainable production standards.

Let's Work Together!

FoneLight is an outdoor and indoor lighting products manufacturing company for wholesale and retail sales worldwide.

Retail sale: Review our modern outdoor lighting products; bollards, sconces, and poles. Shop Online Now.

Wholesale: If you are interested in cooperation with us, get a quote for wholesale.

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