How Should Street and Road Lighting Be?

The main purpose of street and road lighting is to ensure the safety of people at night. However, such studies should be designed and carried out by expert engineers. Because while planning street and road lighting, energy saving should be considered and light pollution should not be created.

How Should Street and Road Lighting Be?

It has been proven by scientific statistics that the accident and crime rate is low on properly lit streets and roads. It also makes people feel more secure. However, there are two important points in street and road lighting: energy and budget. Street and road lighting consumes a high amount of energy as they are on during the night. Therefore, the municipality or the government should go the way of savings. This is a problem that can only be overcome by choosing lighting products with energy saving features.

Considering the characteristics of the street or road to be illuminated, the following positive results arise by choosing products with the necessary technical features and using them in the right position:

  • It becomes easier for the individual to perceive the environment.
  • Visual illusion is reduced. In this way, the error and accident rate is reduced to the minimum level.
  • People feel more secure. Thus, their psychological health is not exposed to negative effects.
  • It does not cause light pollution in the environment. In this way, people’s comfort does not decrease.
  • Streets and roads become an aesthetic appearance.
  • It is economically advantageous. In this way, the budget can be save.
  • Comfortable living spaces are created at night.

The features to be considered in street and road lighting products are listed below:

1. Energy Saving

Since the lighting products are on during the night, products with energy saving features should be preferred. These products are important both for the budget and for a sustainable future.

2. IP65 Protection Class

One of the important points in outdoor lighting is that it is waterproof and dustproof. Because the product will be outside in summer and winter, it must be resistant to water and dust. Otherwise, it may malfunction continuously.

3. Aluminum Body

Lighting products located outdoors must be resistant to impacts from the environment, as they are positioned outside. Therefore, it should have an aluminum body. The aluminum body, with its robustness, functions as a defense against any impact that may come from the outside.

How should street and road lighting be?
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