Garden Lighting Ideas

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In our article, “Garden Lighting Ideas”, we will give advice in order to transform your garden into a more beautiful space. Gardens are one of the places where people can spend a pleasant and comfortable time in daily life. Gardens can be turned into more enjoyable spaces with small decorative touches. These decorative touches may include landscaping, garden furniture and lighting products. If you are looking for garden lighting suggestions, you are at the right place. As FoneLight, in this article, we will give you some ideas and suggestions in order to maximize your garden lighting experience. Read on for garden lighting ideas.

The garden is one of the most suitable outdoor areas to spend pleasant moments with your loved ones in summer evenings. Making this experience more effective is only possible with garden decoration. 

Good and comfortable garden lighting is provided by illuminating the areas where it is needed. For this reason, first of all, which areas should be illuminated should be determined, and then the product should be selected accordingly.

There are many garden lighting techniques that can be applied in the garden. We have picked up the most frequently used techniques for you.

1. Upward Lighting

In the upward lighting technique, the light source is directed upwards from the ground. It is mostly used in plants and makes tree trunks look more beautiful. In this technique, piled turf armatures are generally used.

2. Downward Lighting

Downlighting is usually done using lighting poles or wall sconces. The light source given from top to bottom illuminates the area sufficiently.

3. Shading Technique

Shading is done by keeping the light source on the objects (plants, statues or furniture) in the garden. Objects will display a more aesthetic appearance with the shading technique.

An effective garden decoration is possible with garden furniture, landscaping and outdoor lighting products.


Garden Lighting Ideas for Products

Lighting poles to illuminate large areas, short bollards to illuminate walkways, wall sconces to illuminate garden entrances and exits, grass fixtures to illuminate trees or grass, and fence lighting products to illuminate the fence walls.

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Garden Lighting Ideas
Garden Lighting Ideas