Garden Lighting

A bollard light illuminating the garden

Do you show the necessary importance to the garden of your home? Your garden is the first visible part of your home when viewed from the outside. Therefore, you should care about the decoration of your garden. Garden furniture, plants, lawns, garden fences, etc. apart from the products, you can also make decoration plans with outdoor lighting products. In this article, we talked about how you should design a lighting design in your garden and how garden lighting products should be.

How Should Garden Lighting Decoration Be?

There are some products and product groups that you should use when decorating your garden. Among these products and product groups, there are also outdoor lighting products. Because it is only possible with lighting products to have an eye-catching aesthetic appearance in your garden in the evening. Well, have you ever thought about how a good garden lighting decoration should be? First of all, a good lighting decoration should be noticeable. Every product that provides strong and aesthetic lighting becomes noticeable in lighting decoration.

How Should Garden Lighting Product Be?

The garden lighting product must be durable as well as noticeable. Because such products are constantly exposed to external factors. So what is the condition for the outdoor lighting product to be durable? For a product to be durable, it must be made of aluminum material. Because aluminum material is resistant to wear, rust and corrosion. For this reason, lighting products produced with aluminum are long-lasting and offer a perfect user experience. In addition, its waterproof feature creates positive results for the user. Apart from that, the product should contain LED lamp. Because the LED lamp creates the desired color temperature and adds a positive atmosphere to the garden. This is also important for good visual perception. Finally, the product should have an energy saving feature so that it can save the user’s budget and energy.

Garden Lighting Suggestion

GALA330 Lawn Spot Lighting Fixture With Spike creates an eye-catching look in your garden. The product is used for lighting and aesthetic purposes in areas such as under trees, on grass, at the bottom of walls, etc. The technical specifications of the product are listed below:

  • Sizes: 100x140x330
  • Operating Voltage: 9V
  • Color: 3000K/ 4000K/6500K
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Body: Aluminum Material
GALA330 Lawn Spot Lighting Fixture With Spike has an aluminum body structure.
GALA330 Lawn Spot Lighting Fixture With Spike