Our Story

At FoneLight Technologies, we design and manufacture indoor & outdoor lighting products that turn darkness into a unique visual experience. Our passion is to produce lighting products that create a high prestigious impression and satisfaction in people's lives!

Why Work With FoneLight?

  • 1
    Design & Production

    We design and produce indoor & outdoor lighting products. We also provide project-based product costomization.

  • 2
    High Quality

    All FoneLight's lighting products have aluminum material, IP65 protection class, and LED light source as standard.

  • 3
    Happy Customers

    We care about our customers and always do our best to keep them happy with extraordinary customer service.

High Quality Aluminum Garden Lighting Bollards

Meet FoneLight Technologies' high quality aluminum garden lighting bollards.
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High Quality Aluminum Light Design Elements

Meet FoneLight Technologies' high quality light design elements
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AKA SERIES | Outdoor Lighting Products

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