FoneLight Technologies Brand History

FoneLight Technologies, operates to provide you with the most quality service. FoneLight produces garden lighting, street lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, lawn lighting, wall sconce, lighting pole and lighting fixture. Information about FoneLight Technologies brand history is located in the blog.

FoneLight Technologies Brand History

FoneLight Technologies was developed in California in 2020 to operate in the lighting industry. Since the day it was founded, it has kept the understanding of customer satisfaction at the forefront and aimed to deliver its perfect products to them. It has made rapid progress with its vision and mission and has become a world brand in a short time. Today, it operates as a company serving the whole world.

Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

FoneLight Technologies, which demonstrates its quality in the lighting systems sector and whose goal is the summit, has been offering perfect products to its valued customers by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground since its establishment. Each product within the body of FoneLight Technologies is designed in a unique and modern way with its creative design team, and is produced perfectly by experienced craftsmen trained in the sector. The finished products are carefully examined one by one and delivered to the buyer. Thus, no margin of error is allowed.

FoneLight, which offers its customers the opportunity to access its products from all over the world, guarantees all the products it sells. In this way, in case of the slightest problem, a solution is reached in a short time. It also preserves the personal data of each of its customers in accordance with international law.

Within the scope of customer satisfaction, it responds quickly to your questions and comments, which are open to customer communication 24/7.

Follows Technological Developments Closely

FoneLight Technologies closely follows the technological developments in the world and continues its R&D studies uninterruptedly. It continuously improves its products with its R&D studies and aims to provide you with more qualified services.

All products manufactured with the latest technology in FoneLight Technologies have an aluminum body structure and are produced using stainless screws. It is also waterproof and dustproof. Lighting products that stand out with these features are long-lasting and can be easily preferred outdoors without leaving any doubt. In addition, it is in A+ Energy Class and contains LED lamps. In this way, it effectively saves energy.

Qualified and Expert Personnel

FoneLight Technologies provides the most qualified service to customers with 50 personnel who are experts in their fields, trained in the sector and have a high level of experience. Employees who have business ethics work with a superior service understanding and provide perfect service so that a single customer does not experience any problems.

Product Types

  • Garden Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Wall Sconce
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Lawn Lighting
  • Road Lighting
  • Lighting Poles
  • Lighting Fixtures

Information about FoneLight Technologies brand history is located in the blog.