Fonelight Lawn Garden Lighting

Our lawn garden lighting product, carefully prepared by our R&D team offered for sale online. Fonelight prepared by Mayrek A.Ş. for lighting products. Garden lighting products designed by Teknoloji are of high quality at affordable prices for users. offers product options.

Where Can Lawn Garden Lighting Be Used?

Our garden lighting product is very comfortable outdoors and on walkways. provides. The Aka Series, which stands out with its stylish design in landscape areas, suddenly waiting to meet you with more options.

Grass Garden Lighting Technical Specifications

Product Series: AKA SERİES
Sizes: 100x100x350 – 100x100x750 – 120x120x1000
Light Source: LED
Watt: 9W
Body Material: Aluminium
Protection Class: IP65

Why Choose Us in Garden Lighting?

We deliver the house where your family is happy and you live in peace to everyone with peace of mind. Therefore, by working with a professional team, you can find the most suitable product for your garden. you can find. Grass garden for your garden with the guidance of our certified team You can have the most ideal and most worthy of our lighting products. Our team is dedicated to everything from product selection to project advice to technical specifications. It has all the certificates and regulations to help and is approved by the chamber of commerce. has been approved.